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Specialty Services

The Paw Parlour offers a variety of therapeutic treatments for your furry companions.

Allergy Therapy: This line is specifically for pets who suffer from allergies, itching, hair loss, hot spots and wound recovery. These are high quality products that detoxify, cleanse, and hydrate. We use a variety of supplements in our hydration step, such as argon and jojoba oils.

De-Skunking Therapy: We carry a line of products that are extremely effective in removing the skunk scent from a dog’s skin; Green tomato shampoo and conditioner and an anti-odor shampoo. For certain cases, it may take more than one de-skunk treatment to completely remove the scent.

Anti-Parasite Therapy: For pets that suffer from parasitic infections such as fleas and ticks, we have a special line of products that will kill these insects. After applying these, and making sure that all insects have been removed, the dogs are bathed with a gentle shampoo and conditioner. It is very important to sanitize the pet’s environment to ensure that all fleas are removed in the home, otherwise re-infestation will occur.